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Soma 500mg

Soma 500mg

Carisoprodol 500mg

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Soma 500mg contains Carisoprodol as its active ingredient, which is a centrally acting muscle relaxant and is used to relieve pain because of muscle injury and musculoskeletal conditions.

How Soma acts?

Carisoprodol is the main pharmacological component of Soma but Carisoprodol itself does not directly act as muscle relaxant. Meprobamate is the metabolite of it, which has anxiolytic and sedative properties.

It is also used with rest and physical therapy for short term relief of pain.

Soma belongs to centrally acting muscle relaxants, which acts by blocking the signals from brain and spinal cord to skeletal muscles and leads to pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Who should not take Soma?

  • Pregnant ladies or who are planning to become pregnant should avoid Soma.
  • Nursing mothers who breast feed their babies do not take it.
  • Patients with medical history of liver, kidney disorders, seizures or any blood disorders also avoid taking this medicine.
  • Patients with known case of allergic reactions with Soma or any its components should not take Soma.

What are the drug interactions of Soma?

  • CNS depressants - Alcohol, Benzodiazepines
  • Analgesics - Tramadol, Acetaminophen
  • Sedatives- Barbiturates
  • Anti anxiety drugs - Alprazolam
  • Antihistamines- Cetirizine

How you should take Soma?

  • Soma 500mg tablet recommended dose is three to four times a day with water.
  • Do not exceed the maximum limit above 1400mg per day.
  • Take it with or without food but is more effective if taken without meals.
  • Do not take it for longer period of time as it may lead to dependence.

How should Soma be stored?

Soma tablets should be kept away from heat, light, moisture and reach of children and store it at room temperature.

What should be done in case of doses if?-

Missed Dose- If you missed your dose then take it whenever you remember but do not take it with your next dose. Skip your missed dose if it is the time for your next dosing schedule.

Over Dose- Drug abuse, CNS depression, seizures are some of serious effects of drug over dose. In that case take immediate medical help.

What would be the side effects of Soma?

Postural hypotension, tachycardia, dizziness, drowsiness, tremor, vertigo, headache, insomnia, seizures, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, leucopenia are some of adverse reactions that you may suffer with the use of Soma.

What precautions should be taken while taking Soma?  

  • Avoid driving or any activity that requires attention as Soma may impair your mental or physical ability.
  • Alcohol with Soma leads to increase sedative effects that may be additive, so do not take both simultaneously.
  • Do not start or stop the drug intake on your own as it may lead to withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, vomiting, headache.
  • People with 16 years of age and elderly above 65 years of age should take precaution because of its low efficacy and safety in this age group.

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I am using Soma 500 pills from the last four months. This pharmacy really changed my life after providing me this best & effective pain relief medicine. (Posted on 2/22/16)

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